A physically simulated pool game using w0rm/elm-physics, ianmackenzie/elm-3d-scene, and friends.

The current controls are:

  • click and drag to rotate the camera (the cursor has to be outside the table if there is a ball in hand)
  • scroll to zoom into the cue ball
  • hover over the cue ball and press the mouse button down to choose the point of the shot
  • move the mouse (while the button is pressed) to change the cue elevation
  • keep the space button pressed to set the shot power and release it to shoot!

The game format is 8-ball:

  • During break, at least four (4) balls must hit a wall or a ball be pocketed. Otherwise, the balls are re-racked, the next player places the ball behind the head string, and breaks.
  • The table is considered "open" until someone has pocketed a solid or stripe without scratching.
  • Each player must hit their target ball with the cue before any other ball, and some ball must hit a wall or go into a pocket, or the next player gets ball-in-hand.
  • After a player pockets all of their balls (solids or stripes), then hits 8-ball without scratching, they win!
  • If a player shoots the 8-ball in before their other balls, they lose.
  • If a player shoots the 8-ball in but scratches, they lose.
  • If a player shoots the 8-ball in but hits another ball first, they lose.
Updated 12 hours ago
StatusIn development
Authorsunsoundscapes, absynce
Made withElm

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